A Foolish Mix (Hardcore)

Very silly mix artwork for nullstrukt's A Foolish Mix

In celebration of April Fool’s Day of 2011 I wanted to create a mix that used some of my more goofy or light-hearted hardcore tracks as its basis, but on top of that there needed to be several tricks and surprises. This ended up being one of the most fun mixes I’ve arranged so far, not just because of the goofy hardcore but even more so for the surprise tempo and genre changes. Though my favorite surprise of all comes in the last three tracks…

The artwork for this mix is taken from a custom spray I made for L4D2. I gathered a whole slew of images and tried to make the most ridiculous thing I could, and this was the result. It was only fitting that it would get recycled as the art for a mix where I did the same. :P

A Foolish Mix (2011 April Fool’s Mix) by Nullstrukt on Mixcloud

The tracklist for the mix is as follows:

  1. Gammer – Cube Negative
  2. Dougal & Gammer – Brainstorm
  3. Shifter, Fibra – Let It Go (S3RL Remix)
  4. A.B. – Blip
  5. Dougal & Gammer – Don’t Stop Go
  6. Lee UHF – Dubstomp
  7. Nish – Kiss Me (Dubstek Mix)
  8. Phil York, BRK3 – Traffic (Fausto Remix)
  9. Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes – Release Me (Organ Donors Remix)
  10. In2ition – Pure As Gold
  11. TC & Caspa – Where’s My Money? (Dover’s Hardcore Edit)
  12. Fretman – Dirty Words
  13. Klubfiller – Mr. Anyman (Hardcore Edit)
  14. Luna-C – Success N Mistreet (S3RL Mix)
  15. S3RL – Into Overdrive
  16. Dougal & Gamma – Disco’s Revenge
  17. Eufeion – Disco Beat
  18. Gammer – Happy Hardhouse
  19. Efm-7 – Raver Raver Raver
  20. Dover vs. Evol Intent – Dead on Arrival
  21. How Hard, J. Root – I Make the Path

You can download this mix here:

A Foolish Mix

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