BeatJuDown, the Mix! (Hard Dance & Hardcore)

Artwork for the dj mix BeatJuDown

This mix came about from the orders I placed while researching my review of my three favorite music outlets, Beatport, Juno, and Trackitdown. I thought it might be fun to have a mix to go along with the review, plus the new tracks were way too much fun to resist the challenge! All of the tracks are strictly from that order, and they span several genres (and two tempos, 150bpm and 170bpm).

The biggest surprise (well, ok, it wasn’t that much of a surprise) from making this mix was how much I fell in love with one of the latest iterations of hardcore, Electrocore. Wow, this is such an amazing subgenre! The tracks are just bursting with energy and pure drive, and that results in some super fun mixing material. I very much look forward to seeing how electrocore develops and what producers make of it!

Enjoy, and thanks for listening! Go check out the review under the "Reviews" (go figure) category if you want to see how this mix came into being.

BeatJuDown by Nullstrukt on Mixcloud

Download: BeatJuDown

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