Music Label Recommendations

If you’ve listened to any of my mixes and thought, "Where in the world does he find this music?" then this is the resource for you! I’ve collected some of my favorite labels and grouped them together by genre. As I discover (or think of) more labels I will continue to grow this list, so check back every now and then for more information!


Hardcore Underground Records

Really fun, energetic UK hardcore with a superstar stable of producers. Quality tracks here!

FutureWorld Records

Another high quality, energetic label. Don’t be surprised to hear some really cutting-edge tunes from this label as they like to innovate.

ReBuild Music

Led by label boss Olly "Thumpa", ReBuild covers a wide range of hardcore and releases several limited-edition CD compilations each year. Follow ReBuild on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest releases.

Nu Energy Collective

Some of my absolute favorite freeform and high energy hardcore tracks come from this collective. Relentless is one of their largest sub-labels, and you’ll frequently see releases from superstar producers such as S3RL and Kevin Energy’s discography here.

Hard Dance

Virus Audio

Joe-E heads up this label that specializes in hard house and tech dance. Really fantastic label with a huge variety of sound to pull from, definitely follow this one!

Digitally Infected

Busho runs this talented label, and you can expect to find everything from hard house to hard trance to hardstyle here. Generally more of a driving, gritty sound, it’s a great one to watch.

International Hard Dance Sessions (I.H.D.S.)

This is the label that got me into hard dance to begin with. Some of the top names in the hard dance scene, from all sub-genres, are represented here–expect nothing but the best!

Riot! Recordings

Are you looking for some of the most fun and funky hard trance out there? Then Riot! is the place to be. BK (Ben Keen) is one of the top artists here, but you’ll also find Scott Attrill, Anne Savage, and several other huge names releasing tracks on this label.

Traffic Records

Great source for some varied hard trance and tech dance sounds. Some of the notable producers you will find on this label are Leon B, Scott Attrill, and DJ Audy.

Tech Fu Records

This relatively new label is an offshoot of Kung Fu Wax and is quickly becoming the source for tech dance. DJ Audy, Myler, Re-Born & Verjo, Lee Mac, and several other big names in the scene are what you can expect to find here. Quality!

Technikal Records

Easily one of the most prominent labels in UK hard trance, this is one to keep your eye on. Some of their releases tend to be a bit too much on the cheese side for my own tastes, but there’s a good variety of sound here and some tracks that will definitely get your floor jumping.

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