2012 Hard House & Tech Dance Demo Mix

artwork for 2012 hard house and tech dance demo mix

This was the second demo mix to get refreshed for the new year. Granted, it’s more hard house than tech dance, but it was fun interweaving the two genres (especially since they just seem to be made for each other). I love the driving energy in this one, and I even tossed in one track that doesn’t exactly fit the mold–see if you can guess which one! :)

This is a 145 bpm mix, with the tracklist below and on the mixcloud page. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

  1. Organ Donors – New Era (Kamui Remix)
  2. Oyaebu – Ferret
  3. The Third Man – Velvet Overdrive (Night Liberator Remix)
  4. Brent Sadowick – Afrika (Andy Richmond Remix)
  5. The Prodigy – Omen (Cryptodome Remix)
  6. Bootek DJs – Attention
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way (Joe-E Bootleg)
  8. Joe-E – New Year’s Day 2011 (Verjo Remix)
  9. DJ Audy – Gasoline
  10. BK – Ching
  11. Future Disciple – 28 Tracks Later (Scott Attrill 2011 Remix)

Download 2012 Hard House and Tech Dance Demo Mix

3 Responses to “2012 Hard House & Tech Dance Demo Mix”

  1. Cryptodome says:

    I think its my remix that doesn’t quite fit ;) Anyway, nice to discover my little remix made it in someone’s mix.

    • nullstrukt says:

      Ha, it was too great of a remix to resist using, though, whether it is a complete fit or not. :P Thanks so much for the remix, and for the comment as well!

      • Cryptodome says:

        Thanks for the kind words. Your set is the second one featuring the remix (besides Trance Evolution 39: http://htdjs.co.uk/temixes.html).
        It was the best I could do in 2009. Currently, I’m working on a 2012 remake which should contain all the skills I learned in the past three years. Hopefully that will usher a new era of finishing tracks ;)

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