2012 Hard Trance Demo Mix

artwork for 2012 hard trance demo mix

Third in the fresh new demo mix set is a relentless hard trance set. A good portion of my electronic roots stem from trance, so hard trance was one of the first areas I gravitated towards in the hard dance arena (but, for a time, didn’t mix as I became more interested in hard house, tech dance, and hardstyle). Coming back to hard trance was so much fun–I definitely want to play more of this! The energy is just amazing, and the epic quality of many of the tracks just puts a big ‘ol grin on my face (and makes it impossible to sit or stand still).

Set at 150 bpm, this is one energetic mix! The tracklist is below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening!

  1. Jon Doe, Niki Mak – Up All Night
  2. Leon B – Ray Von
  3. Technikal, Guyver – Rushin
  4. Lee Walls, Shift-E – For The Floor
  5. Rob O.T.T. – Machete
  6. Nomad – Here I Come
  7. DJ Husband – Till The End Of Time
  8. Leon B – This Is My Realm
  9. Paul F. & Sheargold – Carte Blanche 2010
  10. Simon Qudos – Zest

Download 2012 Hard Trance Demo Mix

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