2012 Hardcore Demo Mix

artwork for 2012 hardcore demo mix

With the start of the new year I wanted to go about making a fresh set of demo mixes, and one of the first ones I tackled was a hardcore mix. I tried to get a sampling of most of the styles of hardcore that I enjoy mixing, so there’s freeform, electrocore, UK hardcore, and a hint of gabber represented. What I wasn’t able to fit in was the more goofy UK hardcore sound as well as a larger dose of actual gabber, but ah well, it still ended up being a very fun mix to make!

The mix clocks in at 175bpm, and the tracklist is below (and on the mixcloud page). As always, comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated, and thanks for listening!

  1. Heavens Cry – Till Tears Do Us Part (Eufeion Remix)
  2. Transcend – Mindglow
  3. Alabaster – Fluorite
  4. Genki – Not Another Day (Luna-C Reimagined Mix)
  5. Petruccio feat. Marie Louise – Feel The Flames (Petruccio & Modulate Remix)
  6. Breeze, Styles & Re-Con – Love Sick Crazy (Petruccio & Modulate Remix)
  7. Al Storm – Werewolf! (Joey Riot Remix)
  8. Modulate – What You Got (FIlth Mix)
  9. Darren Styles – Like A Bitch (Original and Joey Riot & Kurt mixes mashed by The Subject)
  10. Michael Mansion, Darwin, Fracus – Comin’ Down
  11. Simon Perry – Don’t Let Me Down (Karl Future Remix)
  12. Thian Brodie, DJ Amis – Reborn

Download 2012 Hardcore Demo Mix

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