2012 Industrial & Hardstyle Demo Mix

artwork for 2012 industrial and hardstyle demo mix

Last, but not least, in this batch of fresh new demo mixes is a fusion I was hesitant to try at first. Not because they don’t go well together, more because I had tried mixing them shortly after I started mixing and determined that industrial and EBM was just beyond my reach at the time. Fortunately, that’s changed. After recording the hard trance demo I decided to play around with my industrial collection a little, found that I was actually able to mix it, and then also noticed how several of the tracks sounded very much like hardstyle. A little bit of experimentation later, and this mix is the result. A harsh, stompy romper that is first in the line of many more like it to come!

Pounding away at 145 bpm, this mix doesn’t quite sound as quick as it is. Tracklist below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening!

  1. Soman – Noise Anthem
  2. Ivory Frequency – Today Is The Day
  3. Grendel – Shortwired
  4. Phil York, Fausto – Red Dawn
  5. Phil York, Fausto – Dire Straights
  6. VNV Nation – Control
  7. DJ 3RR0R – Nuclear Device
  8. Public Domain Soundsystem – Automatic Audio Overload (The Machine Remix)
  9. Dutch Master – Recalled To Life
  10. Kodex, Ellie, Star Driver – Time Of Our Lives feat. Ellie

Download 2012 Industrial und Hardstyle Demo Mix

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