All Tech’d Out And Nowhere To Go

Artwork for the mix All Tech'd Out And Nowhere To Go

Over the past 2-ish years I’ve really fallen in love with hard dance. It has a great amount of energy without being too fast for most people and it has such a diverse range of sounds. In that I constantly find myself drawn to the hard, techy beats. So I decided to put together a mix that heavily featured tech dance, and after I came up with the punny title I just had to follow through. :P The result is a 140 bpm mix with a fairly aggressive edge to it:

The tracklist is below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening!

  1. Stana – Boomshakalaka
  2. Alter Ego, Blaze – Rock My Beat (Oyaebu Bootleg)
  3. Yoji, Romeo – Wanna F**kin’ Dance? (Remo-con Remix)
  4. BK, Anne Savage – On The Edge
  5. The Red Head, BK, Vinylgroover – Unfinished Symphony (Tuff Mix)
  6. Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos – Tom’s Diner (Stana Remix)
  7. Luca Antolini – In The Jungle
  8. Diablik, Oyaebu – Ego Suicide
  9. Phil York, Fausto – Dire Straights (Nomad Remix)
  10. Shu – Flawed
  11. Andy Richmond – Pure Annihilation (The Third Man Remix)
  12. Phil York, Fausto, MC Da Syndrome – I.H.D.S. (Wragg & Log:One Remix)
  13. Public Domain Soundsystem – Separate Your Senses
  14. Louk – Zulu Warrior
  15. Projekt Tek – Project Tek E.P. 1
  16. Andrea Montorsi – Scream (KloneZ Remix)
  17. Diablik – Seek & Destroy (Oyaebu Remix)
  18. Paul Maddox – Endangered (Wragg & Log:One Remix)

Download All Tech’d Out And Nowhere To Go

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