Energy Overdrive

Energy Overdrive mix artwork

Trance, especially vocal trance, is one of the genres that initially brought my attention to EDM. From there I dove deeper and deeper into different styles and genres, but the structure and feel of trance will always hold a soft spot in my heart…I just wish it wasn’t usually so slow, ha. So when I discovered hard trance I immediately fell in love with the genre, but for some reason I didn’t mix it much after the first hard dance mix or two I recorded.

Well, recently I’ve gone back to hard trance and the fire has been re-kindled. Thus enters Energy Overdrive, a 20-track driving monster with plenty of energy, epic builds and breakdowns, a lively tempo, and even a sense of humor. It’s also the longest mix I’ve recorded yet at 82 minutes and some change!

I had a blast making this mix, but there’s still a huge backlog of tracks that I wanted to use (and new ones being released all the time), so expect to hear many more hard trance and hard dance mixes as the year goes on. I hope you enjoy this energetic adventure, and, as always, feedback is both welcome and appreciated!

The tracklist is below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening! Format is artist – track name [record label].

  1. Technikal & Will Courtis feat. Nathalie – Arms of Loren (Klubfiller Remix) [Technikal Recordings]
  2. London Elektricity – Just One Second feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Rob.O.T.T. Hard Trance Bootleg) [n/a]
  3. Carl Nicholson – Blueprint (Tara’s Theme) (Rob.O.T.T. Remix) [CN Recordings]
  4. Simon Qudos – Adrenochrome [Presence Trance]
  5. Klubfiller – Ravin N Misbehavin [Defiance Recordings]
  6. In2ition – Wrong Beat [Kiddfectious]
  7. Guyver, Costa Pantazis – Surekill (Technikal Remix) [Technikal Recordings]
  8. Technikal, K-Series – Nu Dawn [Technikal Recordings]
  9. Kipster – Everytime [n/a]
  10. Costa Pantazis – Skybreaker (Extended Mix) [Metamorph Recordings]
  11. Kris McLachlan – A Street Walker Named Desire [Presence Hard Trance]
  12. Jon Doe – The Dead Eyes Opened [Can You Feel It Media]
  13. Grimsoul – Rebirth of Darkness [FINRG Digital]
  14. Substanced – Anima Mercury [FINRG Digital]
  15. Organ Donors – Make The Girlies Wet (Breeze & Modulate Remix) [Audio Surgery]
  16. Andy Whitby and Klubfiller vs. Cally Gage feat. Kyla – Everything’s Alright (Breeze & Modulate Remix) [AWsum]
  17. Leon B – The Silence [Electrik Shandy]
  18. Kipster – Betrayal [Boshed! Hard]
  19. Kevin Energy, Rhona, DJ Laith – Slip Away [Joyride Music]
  20. Kipster – Slow [n/a]

Kick it into Overdrive! (download)

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