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If you follow tech dance at all you have probably noticed that there have been a TON of awesome tracks that have come out lately, and even a whole new record label (Diablik and Oyaebu’s Rave Me, which is going to be one to watch!). After picking up a handful of these gems (and having a backlog of ones that needed to be mixed) I just had to do something with them.

The result is Hard.Dirty.Tech, a 140 bpm mix that pounds away with plenty of filth to spare, and a bit of a darker departure from my past few mixes. Not that this is a bad thing at all. :) It might be a little rough around the edges as it was arranged and recorded in one night on an impulse, but it’s still an enjoyable and very danceable listen.

Hope you enjoy the mix, and comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

The tracklist is below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening! Format is artist – track name [record label].

  1. Splinta – Get It Poppin [n/a]
  2. Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (Skitzofrenix Remix)[Re-Born & Verjo Tech Dance Booty] [n/a]
  3. Stana – Circus (Ultraform Remix) [Tech Maniac Records]
  4. Michael Fyles, Anthony Prince – Reaktion [Tech Fu Recordings]
  5. Andy Paterson – Mindsweep (Mark Young & Derek Jones Remix) [Virus Audio]
  6. Joe-E – All Colours [Virus Audio]
  7. Diablik & Oyaebu – Rave Me [Rave Me]
  8. Dark By Design, Mikey B – Death’s Approach [Dark By Design]
  9. DJ Audy – Taiko Mission [Tech Fu Recordings]
  10. Joe-E – This Is Sick (Re-Born & Verjo’s Not So Sick Mix) [Digitally Infected]
  11. KloneZ vs Busho – Wreak Havoc [Digitally Infected]
  12. Anthony Prince – Disconnect [Tech Fu Recordings]
  13. Nish – Foolish Trax No.9 (DJ ni-21 Remix) [Harderground Recordings]
  14. Dermot Bateman – Input Out [Virus Audio]
  15. Stana – Boomshakalaka [Virus Audio]
  16. Joe-E – Ouija Board (Myler Remix) [Digitally Infected]
  17. Activator – Kakee [SUBGROUND RECORDS]

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