When Audio Attacks

Mix artwork for When Audio Attacks

Ever since I started getting into EDM (and especially industrial, EBM, and future synthpop) I always had a soft spot for the harder, more aggressive sounds. At first this manifested primarily with industrial, but then eventually I discovered gabber and, just a short while later, hardstyle. As I’ve been heavily mixing hard dance the past many months I’ve wondered more and more how much industrial and hardstyle could mix, testing that with my demo mix first. That went fairly well, so I decided it was time to step up to a full mix that could be a proof of concept.

And that’s how this 145 bpm stomper came about. When Audio Attacks is more aggressive than my usual mixes, and even some of the transitions seem to have been affected by this attitude. Normally I strive for very smooth, almost imperceptible transitions–even better if there’s long periods of the two tracks overlaying and creating something new. Some transitions fit that mold here, but there’s several that are very deliberate and meant to be a change in gears for the next section. Hopefully it’s still a pretty smooth (well, as smooth as you can get for these genres) ride over all. And don’t think this is just a fluke…I have PLENTY more where this came from, so expect to hear more combinations of these two in the very near future. :D

Hope you enjoy the mix, and comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

The tracklist is below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening! Format is artist – track name [record label].

  1. Third Degree – Mutation (Klonez Remix) [International Hard Dance Sessions]
  2. Klonez – Spirit [Detox Records]
  3. END: the DJ – Fires on the Shore (Shiv-R Version) [Nilaihah Records]
  4. Cesium:137 – Frayed [Flesh Field Remix] [Metropolis Records]
  5. Nachtmahr – Leistung [Vendetta Music]
  6. beXta, Phats Life – SHFL [Central Station Records]
  7. Spear – Rule This World (Redline Remix) [LW Recordings]
  8. DJ Zany – Maximum Force (Nitrouz Down Under Remix) [Mental Madness Records]
  9. DJ Duro, Nitrouz – Crazy Music [Mental Madness Records]
  10. Uberbyte – The Doctor Is In [n/a]
  11. Soman – Waste [Metropolis Records]
  12. Soman – Noistyle [Metropolis Records]
  13. Josh Lang – The Rush [International Hard Dance Sessions]
  14. Hard Music Crew – Aeon (feat. Claire)(Star Driver Mix) [Hard Music Records]
  15. Tiifa – Massacre [International Hard Dance Sessions]
  16. Ranzor – Attack (2011 Mix) [Phat Traxx Recordings]
  17. Knife Party vs. Zatox – Future Friends (DJ 3RR0R Mashup) [n/a]
  18. Geck-O – It Never Sleeps [International Hard Dance Sessions]
  19. Star Driver – Celebrate the Fucking Society [n/a]

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