Critical Error 02

Mix artwork for Critical Error 02

Two years ago I uploaded my first recorded mix to the web–a freeform hardcore mix by the name of Critical Error 00. I’m not just being humble when I say that it was awful–I had a long way to go in my technical skills, and I did not have a good grasp on EDM track structures, beat matching, phrase matching, or even what a key was and why they’re important. But it was a start.

Last year I released the second mix in the Critical Error series, and, while it was heaps better than the last one, it still had its fair share of stumbles and mistakes. It has been a VERY active year of mixing since then, and that leads us to the next installment of this anniversary mix series: Critical Error 02.

This is a 175 bpm driver of a mix that starts off nice and easy with some drum & bass, then kicks it into gear for an assortment of freeform that is mostly from some of my favorite (but lesser known) artists. It was a blast to make, and I hope that you enjoy the end result! Who knows what next year’s mix will be like… :)

Hope you enjoy the mix, and comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

The tracklist is below and on the mixcloud page, and thanks for listening! Format is artist – track name [record label].

  1. Felongo & TeHLoY – Distance [n/a]
  2. Greenlaw feat DJSS – Less Of A Star [Formation Records]
  3. Joe-E – Taquila Sunrise (D&B Mix) [n/a]
  4. K-Complex, Mark Ashley – Atomic Orbital feat. 2LS (Kevin Energy Remix) [Nu Energy Records]
  5. Minamotoya – Adatcgast (Spirit Wolf 2011 Remix) [n/a]
  6. Alchemiist & J-Mx – Leadbeater [Thank You For The Horse]
  7. Lost Soul – Axiomatic System [Nu Energy Records]
  8. Transcend – Angel Of Darkness [Nu Energy Records]
  9. Ranzor – Infinity (2011 Mix) [Core 2 Core Digital]
  10. Firefly – Zero Point [Electronica Exposed]
  11. Nomic – Falling Star 08 [FINRG]
  12. Pain on Creation – ReligionX [Electronica Exposed]
  13. RAF – Evilution [ReBuild Music]
  14. Ranzor vs. DJ Counterforce – Zero Gravity [n/a]
  15. Genki – Fcuk Unicorns [KFA Records]
  16. Kreatrix – Lock Us Up [Electronica Exposed]
  17. Sam One & Substanced vs. Horzi – Lionheart (A.B’s Varaslähtö Remix) [FINRG]
  18. Spirit Wolf – Nuclear Threat [n/a]
  19. Spirit Wolf – Boop [n/a]
  20. Slippery Disco – Drift [Nu Energy Records]

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