nullstrukt mixing at an event

Mixing some hard house and tech dance to open the night

system.out.println(“Hello World, Let’s Rave”);

Howdy and welcome! This is nullstrukt, aka Ben, an interactive media developer for NC State University by day and electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiast by obsession. On this site you will not only find my mixes, but also posts related to events that I’m either playing in or supporting as well as the occasional review or music-related rambling. My DJ partner in crime is Brian, aka DJ Wondershock.

I started listening to EDM in earnest when I was exposed to industrial and future synthpop back in 2001, thanks to extremely talented artists and groups such as VNV Nation, Covenant, and Icon of Coil. From there I expanded into trance and some various sub-genres, before finally being exposed to happy hardcore courtesy of Wondershock. Fast forward a year or two and Wondershock starts mixing, then lets me have a go on his gear to see what I thought of it. Shortly thereafter, I had my own gear and nullstrukt was born.

So where did the name nullstrukt come from, anyway? Well, one of my degrees (and a good deal of my 9-5 work) centers around computer programming, and I wanted to bring that in to my DJ identity. I also wanted to give a nod to my industrial beginnings (as well as my goal to eventually mix industrial) so I needed a name that fit in that collection of genres. “null” is a keyword in many programming languages to represent nothing, or a lack of data. The other half, “strukt” was derived primarily from a constructor function (the first function that is run on an object, and the function that is responsible for creating that object). Change the spelling a bit (including the required industrial c to k), and you get what is meant to be a geeky play on words: “creation of nothing.” More than that, though, it just sounded cool and fit with the dark, techy beats that I’m so drawn to.

Currently my favorite genres to mix are hardcore (mostly UK and freeform) and hard dance (especially tech dance, hard trance, and hardstyle). I tend to stick to the BPM ranges of 140-155 and 170-185, but every now and then I’ll venture outside of those tempos and genres and try something new. My biggest goals are to share the passion I have for these styles of music with my listeners, and to do that in a way that is both fun and impossible to sit still to.

To anyone that’s interested, here’s the kit I use:

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite A505-S6205 running Windows 7 Pro

Midi Controller: Vestax VCI-100SE

External Audio Card: Native Instruments Audio2 DJ

Headphones: Technics RP-DJ1200A

Mixing Software: Traktor Pro

Misc: Stanton Uberstand