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2012 Industrial & Hardstyle Demo Mix


Last, but not least, in this batch of fresh new demo mixes is a fusion I was hesitant to try at first. Not because they don’t go well together, more because I had tried mixing them shortly after I started mixing and determined that industrial and EBM was just beyond my reach at the time. […]

2012 Hard Trance Demo Mix


Third in the fresh new demo mix set is a relentless hard trance set. A good portion of my electronic roots stem from trance, so hard trance was one of the first areas I gravitated towards in the hard dance arena (but, for a time, didn’t mix as I became more interested in hard house, […]

2012 Hard House & Tech Dance Demo Mix


This was the second demo mix to get refreshed for the new year. Granted, it’s more hard house than tech dance, but it was fun interweaving the two genres (especially since they just seem to be made for each other). I love the driving energy in this one, and I even tossed in one track […]

2012 Hardcore Demo Mix

feature banner art for the 2012 hardcore demo mix

With the start of the new year I wanted to go about making a fresh set of demo mixes, and one of the first ones I tackled was a hardcore mix. I tried to get a sampling of most of the styles of hardcore that I enjoy mixing, so there’s freeform, electrocore, UK hardcore, and […]