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Critical Error 02


Two years ago I uploaded my first recorded mix to the web–a freeform hardcore mix by the name of Critical Error 00. I’m not just being humble when I say that it was awful–I had a long way to go in my technical skills, and I did not have a good grasp on EDM track […]

2012 Hardcore Demo Mix

feature banner art for the 2012 hardcore demo mix

With the start of the new year I wanted to go about making a fresh set of demo mixes, and one of the first ones I tackled was a hardcore mix. I tried to get a sampling of most of the styles of hardcore that I enjoy mixing, so there’s freeform, electrocore, UK hardcore, and […]

BeatJuDown, the Mix! (Hard Dance & Hardcore)

Feature artwork for the mix BeatJuDown

This mix came about from the orders I placed while researching my review of my three favorite music outlets, Beatport, Juno, and Trackitdown. I thought it might be fun to have a mix to go along with the review, plus the new tracks were way too much fun to resist the challenge! All of the […]