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Happy Halloween!

Feature artwork for the 2012 Halloween mix

In honor of Halloween and as practice for my upcoming gig I’ve put together a howling good time of a hard trance and hard dance mix! Don’t be spooked as the tempo climbs from 140bpm to 150bpm to end on an energetic note, and enjoy getting your ghoulish groove on to this monster of a […]


Feature art for the mix Incrementer

Recently I turned another year older, and to celebrate the occasion I decided to give the gift of hard dance to you. Thus was born Incrementer, a mix that goes through pretty much every flavor of 145 bpm I have (industrial dance, EBM, hard trance, hard house, tech dance, hard electrik, hardstyle, you name it). […]



If you follow tech dance at all you have probably noticed that there have been a TON of awesome tracks that have come out lately, and even a whole new record label (Diablik and Oyaebu’s Rave Me, which is going to be one to watch!). After picking up a handful of these gems (and having […]

Energy Overdrive


Trance, especially vocal trance, is one of the genres that initially brought my attention to EDM. From there I dove deeper and deeper into different styles and genres, but the structure and feel of trance will always hold a soft spot in my heart…I just wish it wasn’t usually so slow, ha. So when I […]

Groove Funktion


I’ll be honest, All Tech’d Out And Nowhere To Go ended up being a bit darker and harder than I anticipated, and instead of leaving me satisfied with a full-length hard dance mix I found myself itching to show off some more fun hard dance tracks. And that’s how Groove Funktion came about! Groove Funktion […]

2012 Hard Trance Demo Mix


Third in the fresh new demo mix set is a relentless hard trance set. A good portion of my electronic roots stem from trance, so hard trance was one of the first areas I gravitated towards in the hard dance arena (but, for a time, didn’t mix as I became more interested in hard house, […]

BeatJuDown, the Mix! (Hard Dance & Hardcore)

Feature artwork for the mix BeatJuDown

This mix came about from the orders I placed while researching my review of my three favorite music outlets, Beatport, Juno, and Trackitdown. I thought it might be fun to have a mix to go along with the review, plus the new tracks were way too much fun to resist the challenge! All of the […]

Typecaster 04 (Hard Dance)

Feature banner for the mix Typecaster 04

At the beginning of 2011 I really started getting into hard dance and its various sub-genres, and that quickly transformed into a musical obsession that has completely captivated me. I probably spend just as much time, if not more time, mixing hard dance than I do hardcore. This is the fourth installment of my "Typecaster" […]