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Feature art for the mix Incrementer

Recently I turned another year older, and to celebrate the occasion I decided to give the gift of hard dance to you. Thus was born Incrementer, a mix that goes through pretty much every flavor of 145 bpm I have (industrial dance, EBM, hard trance, hard house, tech dance, hard electrik, hardstyle, you name it). […]

When Audio Attacks

Feature artwork for the mix When Audio Attacks

Ever since I started getting into EDM (and especially industrial, EBM, and future synthpop) I always had a soft spot for the harder, more aggressive sounds. At first this manifested primarily with industrial, but then eventually I discovered gabber and, just a short while later, hardstyle. As I’ve been heavily mixing hard dance the past […]

All Tech’d Out And Nowhere To Go


Over the past 2-ish years I’ve really fallen in love with hard dance. It has a great amount of energy without being too fast for most people and it has such a diverse range of sounds. In that I constantly find myself drawn to the hard, techy beats. So I decided to put together a […]

2012 Industrial & Hardstyle Demo Mix


Last, but not least, in this batch of fresh new demo mixes is a fusion I was hesitant to try at first. Not because they don’t go well together, more because I had tried mixing them shortly after I started mixing and determined that industrial and EBM was just beyond my reach at the time. […]