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Critical Error 02


Two years ago I uploaded my first recorded mix to the web–a freeform hardcore mix by the name of Critical Error 00. I’m not just being humble when I say that it was awful–I had a long way to go in my technical skills, and I did not have a good grasp on EDM track […]

2012 Hardcore Demo Mix

feature banner art for the 2012 hardcore demo mix

With the start of the new year I wanted to go about making a fresh set of demo mixes, and one of the first ones I tackled was a hardcore mix. I tried to get a sampling of most of the styles of hardcore that I enjoy mixing, so there’s freeform, electrocore, UK hardcore, and […]

Music Label Recommendations

If you’ve listened to any of my mixes and thought, "Where in the world does he find this music?" then this is the resource for you! I’ve collected some of my favorite labels and grouped them together by genre. As I discover (or think of) more labels I will continue to grow this list, so […]

BeatJuDown, the Mix! (Hard Dance & Hardcore)

Feature artwork for the mix BeatJuDown

This mix came about from the orders I placed while researching my review of my three favorite music outlets, Beatport, Juno, and Trackitdown. I thought it might be fun to have a mix to go along with the review, plus the new tracks were way too much fun to resist the challenge! All of the […]

A Foolish Mix (Hardcore)

Feature artwork banner for A Foolish Mix

In celebration of April Fool’s Day of 2011 I wanted to create a mix that used some of my more goofy or light-hearted hardcore tracks as its basis, but on top of that there needed to be several tricks and surprises. This ended up being one of the most fun mixes I’ve arranged so far, […]